Sunday, February 28, 2010

Embroidery Gcode Generator V2.4 Beta

In this Version I made following minor changes:
1- On the Top of Gcode, added Total No. of Gcode Lines
2- Made the drawing screen background Colour Black
3- On the bottom added the color information/usage in 'Same Colored Text'
4- Now You can Animate with Cross-hair showing the exact Position of stitch.
5- You can Scroll through the Gcode and Animation Cross hair will update its Position.

Attached is the Program Executable file along with some DST files.. Still need to put the Code in Menu and SaveGcode button is not functional for the time being.. I will try to make it complete and will place here...Just you can check and give me feedback for improving it.. You can unpack the zip and run the executable within the folder if it not run then The Program requires DOTNET framework or Visual Basic runtime files (Can be downloaded free from internet)

The embroidery beta release can be downloaded from following link:

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Deer Plaque

This Deer Plaque was one of the best of my work..and it was in auction for US80$.. All the amount went into community charity... I really liked it:)

Wooden Mantle Relief

Yesterday i was looking the old work i created for one of the community event.... This piece of art took a lot of time in designing and machining... It was sold for about US14$ to a women .. She wanted it to be a Wall Keys holder..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Improvement in Embroidery Software

A couple of days ago, while testing the embroidery machine, I lost one of my controller card and this was due to small strand of wire that short-circuit the lower-side of PCB board and some FET's blown away... This was a great setback to me because i just checked the motors and want to start some embroidery work.... SAD day..:(

As my controller card is under etching, so i just started improvements in the embroidery software... I added Stitch Marks (Needle points) in the Simulation.. Added some new colours and Optimized the Gcode generation algorithm...

I hope very soon i will able to show some great embroidery work ;)...

Added some more functionalities like showing Colors and new MenuBar.. Now you can see the number of colors 'in-orders' and simulation of each color...

Improvement in Embroidery Software

I have blown one of my controller card of Embroidery Machine.. and it was totally my fault... This was because of my bad housekeeping Habit ;)... A strand of wire short circuit the FET's and i have lost my modular card in a second...

So again this weekend i was not able to run my machine :(... I tested the handwheel driving stepper motor but the speed the drawback is that the speed and response was not good... I have to work more on the ways to get high SPM ( Stitches Per Minutes)... Recently i worked on my embroidery software and made some enhancements... I added the needle Marks in simulation and the Gcode was optimised.. New colours added and did some blushing on the main screen...