Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My DIY CNC Embroidery Machine

Last year My wife stressed me to make a DIY embroidery machine with bigger Hoop and that can do all type of stitch work... .. It was a challenge to me... .. All types of stitches!!!!.. I asked her What do you mean by All type of stitches???...

She replied " I need a machine that can compete with modern industrial Machines"... Hmmm..... and the story Begins...and I left Woodwork and tried to look like a embroider..From that day and now, i have a lot of knowledge about embroidery machines and working principal...

I researched on the machines and found that The Following are the few File Formates that Embroidery machine uses..
Brother *.pes
Tajima *.dst
Viking *.hus
Melco *.exp etc

From that day, After a long long time i was able to make a software that can drive my CNC Embroidery Machine with all types of stitches that industrial machines can do. Basically, my intent was to convert low-cost manual sewing machine into embroidery machine that can compete with industrial machines. For this I have to write a software that can convert the DST file into machine readable file.. The DST file is a TAJIMA file format and it is complex binary coded...It was hard for me make a software that can read the file and simulate the design and make the Gcode..Previous experience in visual basic Programming made it possible to write a customised program...

Following is the software that i have written in Visual BAsic Language.. With my this software machine will able to do Straight stitch, Cross-stitch, Zig-zag stitch, Satin stitch, Tatami stitch,chain stitch, Motif-run stitch, triple run stitch, Contour stitch, Perpendicular coil stitch and all types of Alphabets and Pictures...

For hardware drawings are completed and 80% will be assembled within this week end. The functionality of the machine will be..

1- The Large Hoop working area ( 9" x 20")

2- For every new colour in design machine will stop with needle upward condition for colour change.

3- A bulb will lit up so that thread can be easily changed

4- Automatic thread cutting

5-If thread broke machine will stop

further functionalities can be added in future.