Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My DIY CNC Embroidery Machine

Last year My wife stressed me to make a DIY embroidery machine with bigger Hoop and that can do all type of stitch work... .. It was a challenge to me... .. All types of stitches!!!!.. I asked her What do you mean by All type of stitches???...

She replied " I need a machine that can compete with modern industrial Machines"... Hmmm..... and the story Begins...and I left Woodwork and tried to look like a embroider..From that day and now, i have a lot of knowledge about embroidery machines and working principal...

I researched on the machines and found that The Following are the few File Formates that Embroidery machine uses..
Brother *.pes
Tajima *.dst
Viking *.hus
Melco *.exp etc

From that day, After a long long time i was able to make a software that can drive my CNC Embroidery Machine with all types of stitches that industrial machines can do. Basically, my intent was to convert low-cost manual sewing machine into embroidery machine that can compete with industrial machines. For this I have to write a software that can convert the DST file into machine readable file.. The DST file is a TAJIMA file format and it is complex binary coded...It was hard for me make a software that can read the file and simulate the design and make the Gcode..Previous experience in visual basic Programming made it possible to write a customised program...

Following is the software that i have written in Visual BAsic Language.. With my this software machine will able to do Straight stitch, Cross-stitch, Zig-zag stitch, Satin stitch, Tatami stitch,chain stitch, Motif-run stitch, triple run stitch, Contour stitch, Perpendicular coil stitch and all types of Alphabets and Pictures...

For hardware drawings are completed and 80% will be assembled within this week end. The functionality of the machine will be..

1- The Large Hoop working area ( 9" x 20")

2- For every new colour in design machine will stop with needle upward condition for colour change.

3- A bulb will lit up so that thread can be easily changed

4- Automatic thread cutting

5-If thread broke machine will stop

further functionalities can be added in future.


  1. Hi khalid I am interested in buying you software I´m working in a same proyect and I need software to control step motor my email is flavio_299@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Flavio,
    The software is just a Gcode generator for a machine.. I will use Mach3 as a control software..
    If you just want to control the stepper Motor you must see the Mach3, WinCNC, Kcam or EMC...

    My above software will soon pass through Beta testing on Actual Machine.. As soon as i get the satisfactory results i can think of selling it..

  3. Hi Khalid,
    I must say you are very productive, i have seen your diskussions in both David and Artcam forum before. I think the embrodery program is very interesting, and i am also interested in buying it if/when it is ready.
    I have not yet build a embrodery machine but i will if i have the right software :-)
    Keep up the good work!
    Christer Johansson Sweden

  4. http://eclipseproyect.blogspot.com/2008_06_01_archive.html Hi khalid again please check this link above from some guys from peru I made some changes of his job I will share soon I hope understand my bad inglish

  5. Hi Christer Johansson, thanks for appreciating my work... I will soon put this program on the internet.. It depends on you if you can add some donations or not...

    Hi Flavio,
    I have seen that website earlier..They are genius guys, but their machine can only do straight stitches... My this machine can do embroidery work..Unfortunatly my controller cards are in fabrication stages and soon i will test the Gcode on my machine..
    Keep in touch..

  6. Khalid Khattak como fasso para visualizar um arquivo dst em vb6

  7. hey folks here is a new aproach first check out the Punch Embriodry site and look at the battery powered handheld machine,why not replace the motor with a small stepper,then simply figure out the number of steps for full needle up and down,put the revised punch device in place of the machine bit and run the mchine.WCH

  8. I just look at the "Easy punch "device and it walks the needle across the material so use one of the hand held "Easy Punch "needles instead,put it on the Z axis and program for a drill bit 1/128"dia and drill cycle across the material which will be held in a hoop on the machine table,rem to follow Easy Punch directions...WCH

  9. Hi khalid I am also interested in buying the software.

  10. Hi Ajay, the software is free but i no longer support it... you can google "DIY embroidery Machine" and hope you will get the link at CNCZONE..Their i uploaded the complete software.
    Thanks for liking...

  11. Hello Khalid bhai ,please reply me . at janbhutto@gmail.com
    Thank you

  12. Khalid... I am a systems integrator and I am working on a project retrofitting controls on CNC stitching machine. My quesion for you is with Mach3 how do you avoid X-Y Movement while the needle is in the material. I will be sewing thick leather so needle must be out befor movement. Thank you

  13. Ingenuity at its finest. Spend a few dollars instead of thousands. Use your time and brains instead of bucks. I love it and am on a similar mission to convert a "Mature" sewing machine into an embroidery gadget. I want the software to do most of the work and I will also need to convert quite a few formats into G code or something equally simple and universal.
    I wish us all luck and will share the results for free.

  14. Hi khalid,

    It took a bit of looking to find the software on CNCZone. Could you add links onto the first post of the thread so other interested seekers can find it easier?

    Just a suggestion.

  15. Telat saya, sekarang sudah tahun 2014, mungkin mesin bordir nya sudah jadi ya pak? bisa kirim video demo nya pak, saya tertarik. munking kita bisa berteman.... my e-mail Please reply

  16. Hi khalid,

    Which the difference is with project hubordix?

    Please reply.

  17. where i can donwload software, thanks you

  18. The softwre is uploaded at CNCZONE..search DIY CNC EMBROIDERY MACHINE on google and it will give u a link on CNCZONE

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  20. I can not tell if there is any finalization to this project where I could set up my own machine?

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