Friday, March 25, 2011

Graphical Waterfall- Updates

Some advancements and updates on the software and hardware:

1- The software now can support all types of popular image format. Previously it only support WMF file Format.

2- Now you can add Colored images and then convert it in Pure Black and white.
3- Multuple image effects added, like Flip, Mirror and invert.
4- Delay Timer provided.
5- Scroll Bars were added to move big pictures inside picture container.

1- The PCB for controlling 40 solenoid valves was designed and etched.
2- The simulator was tested and a short video is in following youtube link:

3- Ordered more 30 solenoid valves. The pipe fittings are being machined on lathe. Hope i will be able to post some pictures in coming days.

and Here is the 6inch dia PVC pipe with 40 fittings for solenoid valves.