Sunday, October 6, 2019

3D modelling and Printing a Petrochemical Plant

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Loh Qurani 3D Printed

This time we have 3D printed Loh-Qurani for our oncoming exhibition and participation in MakerFest Lahore -2019. These will be inlayed in Carved wood panel with LEDs Backlit.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Modification in Honda Civic and Future Plan

Lately, we have been 3D scanning of Honda Civic- 2018 to customize and modify some of its exterior to give it a unique but appealing look. We have been visiting the designs of High-end cars to get some ideas. Modification in such a car is not an easy task. Honda Civic is  already giving a sporty look, however, an addition of following will make it much more attractive:

1- Adding Rear Spoiler - Still on my Drawing Board: 3D scanning has already been completed. Still converting the scanned data into a usable CAD model. 
2- Addition of Intake Ducts: Ideas finalized but I haven't done yet the 3D scanning work...
3- Hood at Bonnet... Idea Finalized, 3D scanning after Eid. This will be the 1st modification we will perform.
4- Few minor adds-on --A lot of :P

The process will be lengthy but interesting..stay tuned:

Friday, May 31, 2019

Re-engaged in our Own World of 3D scanning

Scanning live and moving objects is a challenging task.. Mostly they do a scan using photogrammetry techniques where 100s of expensive cameras are arranged in the spherical dome and triggered with microseconds delay using expensive software...These 100s of pictures are then brought into photogrammetry software for generating a mesh model......K2Lab has done the 3D Scanning of Face  using structured light scanning technique of Umer Khattak...

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Reverse Engineering Honda Civic 2018:

The result is not bad considering the homemade 3D scanner. Three scans are stitched together and I am happy to see the results... I stopped the process .. I hope in the weekend I shall be able to 3D scan the required areas..Then the difficult process of retopology and surface extraction shall be done and later new 3D models shall be generated for the added parts....I am thinking to completely scan the car and then 3D print the scaled model..add new additional/modified parts on the scale model to take the feel of it...
The purpose is to add some external parts (CNC machined/3D printed) to make it some different look...Later, if I like the same the mold shall be made for fiberglass work...
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