Sunday, June 19, 2011

Laminar Flow Nozzle- Automatic Control Unit

Today no experimentation was carried out on the laminar flow nozzle. My RGB LED's and Fiber Optic End Glow cable (PMMA) are on the way from European supplier.. I already have Solid State relay (DC-AC) to control 220 V AC pump. I drew the controller circuit for the project. This circuit is based on ATMEL A328 and can control 3Watt  RGB LED,  Pump(220V AC), my DIY Anemometer, temperature sensor, DIY soil moisture sensor, 24V Solenoid cutter mechanism. I have added one shift register 74HC595 so that i can use the 8 output to control the lighting of surroundings... (The resistances have yet to be calculated after arrival of the LEDs)