Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Embroidery Test

Hi all,I want to share the picture of embroidery artwork RENE has done on his ordinary sewing machine using my Embroidery Gcode Generator Software... He did a great job on it and as i am busy in my Fertilizer Plant Turnaround and doing some hectic work of maintenance, these results literally freshen my mind...

I suggested Rene to do following improvements to get positive results
1- Tighten the clothe very well on the Hoop.
2- The white thread on the bobbin emerging in picture shows that Bobbin thread needs more tention...
3- He should apply some embroider paper behind the cloth..This will give drastic improvement in embroidery..
I am adding RENE work here... I hope you all will like what we can do..Further details can be seen in following thread...
PS:Just note he is using Router and sewing machine to get this result... This is just the begining... and we have to see marvels in future.. We break into the core of high end commercial machines manufacturer... ;)