Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carving on Candle Holder

I tried some carving work on a candle holder.. I was amazed about the accuracy and repeatability i am getting in my 4th axis... We bought some candle holders (marble) from local market and decided to make wooden stand for it.. The picture shows one of the candle holder with beautiful carving..This candle holder was sold 20 US dollars to one of my friend in Funfair show.. I have lot of orders but time do not permit it to commercialize my products... Its difficult to make something for my home.. I decided not to participate in the Funfair shows..This will make my house full of my home-made wooden stuff...


  1. Too NEAT Khalid!! I didn't understand much about all the P's and stuff on programming, but your results are truly beautiful! I really enjoyed looking over you pics.

    Your friend,

    Jerry Cowan aka Scrollpup

  2. Great job Khalid !
    God willing , I will soon be copying you by building a 4th axis myself . Thanks for the inspiration .


  3. Khalid,


    You didn't waste any time with the 4th axis, great job (very nice cuts)!