Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leaf Platter

When we visited Peshawer, one of the biggest City of Pakistan, we went through a big bazar called 'Bara Bazar'.. This bazar is best known for the stuff from china.. All the stuff is very very low cost and there are many streets in this bazar , each street is for similar type of stuff... For example if one street represents the Electronic stuff then the other street represent Cutlery market.. You can easily spend several hours in one street just watching the beautiful stuff ( window shopping)... We saw some nice coloured glass bowls and the idea came to our mind to make use of them for salad platter... ;) On return we saw our shopping and segregate them on priority basis... Salad Platter was simple so we made one ... This salad platter later sold to a Chinese Couple on 12 Dollars in our Funfair show..

1 comment:

  1. Khalid,

    Great job, on the custom leaf platter!

    Good idea for the pockets, so the bowls don't move around.