Monday, April 4, 2011

Graphical Water fall- 1st Step to Reality

Moving toward the actual working of the Graphical waterfall:
I updated my Graphical programmer software:
1- A Loop checkbox and STOP button is added. If the 'Loop Checkbox' is ticked, the graphical hexadecimal data will be send to the micro-controller in a loop. So we will able to continuously run the graphical fountain and repeat the designs.
2- Pressing the Stop button will check how many bytes are in shift registers. Then the software will send numbers of  '0X00' to finalize the shiftout function. After shifting out the software will turnoff all the valves by sending 5-bytes '0X00' to the controller.

1- Here are the 40 solenoid valves attached to the rig ...

 2- The completed Controller card.

Here is another video in sequence with the graphical waterfall LED simulator toward the actual controlling of single solenoid valve... You can hear the ON/OFF sound from the solenoid valve.
In the last few frames the solenoid stopped working and i just stumped what happen?..and after a little investigation found the +ve wire of solenoid i connected it temporirly with squash tape..smiley-wink

The positive thing of this test was:
1- My Connections of IRF540 good.
2- Solenoid response time is also good.
3- During the testing my circuit didn't get back emf from the solenoid as i have connected IN4007 across the solenoid. Thus my circuit is safe.
4- Testing one solenoid valve successfully gave me confidense that all the remaining 39 valves will work great.
5- I thought the LED of the tested solenoid valve will not be bright or will be off but it also work as usual.
6- The 74HC595 and micro-controller are as cold as in iceroom.

Here is the link of video:


  1. Hello, Please if you can help me build this fountain and other circuit components and devices with manual says thanks

  2. Hi, I'm very interested in this project. Where can I download the software? Where can I contact you for more information?

    Thank you.