Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tinkering with Low Cost DC servo motor

For the past many years i am using Stepper motors and i am happy with these motors until now. Stepper motors are Open loop control as they have no feedback mechanism to the main controller. Once they loose steps the error will remain there spoiling the purpose of there use. At high speed the torque become low and prone to loosing steps.
So i am shifting myself from Stepper motors toward Servo motors. But all the electronics stuff as well as servo motor itself is too pricey for a hobbiest like me. This post is to study whether an ordinary DC motor can be converted into reliable closed loop servo motor. I purchased a bunch of DC motors with Quadrature incremental encoder from a scrap. The difficult thing is to find segregate the DC inputs to encoder sensors and the A+ B+ encoder signal wiring. Luckily by tinkering i found all circuitry without damaging electronics

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