Monday, September 21, 2009

My First 3D part

A couple of years ago, i was unfamiliar about the types of wood and its beauty... My first CNC machine that i built from scratches was not for the purpose of wood carving, but it was my dream a decade ago to whatever 3D modelling i am doing on CAD software can become a reality and in physical shape...

When i first made my CNC machine i start experimenting on wood, because wood is cheap and easily available..From then, i am deviated from the original cause of this machine and started working on wood related stuff especially the furniture and carving stuff...

From then i am involve in a number of Forums in the world and i really enjoyed watching others work and producing my own.. Following was my first 3D caving i made on my machine..The 3D part not clear but that day i was very much happy... That was a great day.. I showed that part to a number of my friends and they guessed different things n it.. actually that was a 3D relief of flying geeses....


  1. Khalid, cool website.
    It is great having you around the shopbot forum. You do so many things. Always impressive.

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