Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cutting Clouds

My son 1st Birthday ahead so i have plans to renovate his room... I like natural sceneries, so i made some clouds in a CAD programm... Imported those clouds into CAM software and generated the toolpath for it..

These clouds cut from 6mm MDF ... Painting of MDF is really a very difficult, MDF sucks the paint so i first applied a mixture of wooden glue and water and then applied on the clouds..when it was dried i painted 3 coats of white enamel paint..

Attaching and arranging clouds on the wall was a very difficult task.. The room is still under renovation My wife worked on Roman Blind and it enhanced the looks of the room...


  1. You need to use an MDF wood primer before you paint anything on!

  2. Yes,
    I mixed wooden glue and water and then applied on the MDF sheets this preserve the MDF against humidity and water.