Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Door Scenery

I like wooden carved doors very much... In my country carved doors are in abundance but they are out of reach because of high prices... I started work on this project to make a complete door.. Later on i found that making this door was a huge step that gave me confidence in building big projects...

I decided to make a scenery panel that will embed in the center of that door.. My wife took that task and she made a scenery after hours of efforts..with a little review we put our machine into action.. I was in office when my wife called me and told me that machine is making huge noises during carving..she decided to stop the machine because of smoke and that abnormal sound but i stopped her and told her that keep the machine running....at-last the job was finished...

I know that due to high depth of cut and feed the machine has been put into its extreme..so we were getting noise and smoke..next time we decided to make Gcode that machine can tolerate

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