Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Scenery for Lobby

A long time ago when we shifted in new house, we found our lobby very empty..We (Me and my wife) decided to place a big scenery on the wall.. :).. The scenery was designed by my Wife and i carved it...The tool used is 12.5mm 60Degree V-bit with 5mm DOC/pass... It took 3.5 Hours to machine at 80IPM... The material i used was 12mm MDF.... After machining MDF my house full of MDF dust.. I was totally covered with MDF and i was looking like a ghost.. I simply hate MDF...


  1. The top picture shows that it is plywood and not MDF. Or am I wrong?

  2. Offcourse..It is MDF and Painted by a skilled Painter...:)