Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Laser Scanner DIY Setup

From a week i am working to improve my David Laser scanner setup.. Earlier, I have a stepper motor attached to 1:60 gear box..The output was very coarse with jerks so yesterday i made MDF bearing holders and grabbed teeth Belt and Pulleys from local market..After minor modification the output from the gear box further reduced to 1:7 with timing belt..Now i can scan with very high resolution..Attached is the low resolution scan from free version of David Laser scanner..Its smoothness and interpolation kept to one..You can see how small the object with details...
The green laser pointer was gifted by my friend Richard..i made a teflon attachment with a lens to convert it into Line laser...

This improvement of setup was carried out because i want to make some ball-claw legs for the table i am machining.. The idea was to take the leg of hen and insert a marble ball into claw and scan...


  1. It would be cool If you could rig up your 4th axis lathe to also scan parts, then convert to a 3D model, it might work?

    That way you could get a ful 360deg. rotation, in small steps.

  2. Thanks Switcher and Irfan..
    I am making a turntable for Laser scanning... The part to be scanned will be Kept vertical and rotated and all the scans will be merged later on...
    The prototype will be completed in coming weekend..

    The laser scanning on my indexer is not possible due to the fact that it will be difficult to calibrate my Camera and the heavy Laser rotating setup will not work good with Z-axis...

  3. Khalid,

    My blog template was messed up & I uploaded an older backup template.

    I added your link to my blog, can you add a link to me?

    Thanks, Switcher

  4. Switcher, I added the Link of Your Blog at the bottom of this page :)

  5. Thanks, Khalid :)

    Always make sure to save a backup of your blogger template, on your PC.

    It's not fun If something gets messed up on Blogger, & no backup.

  6. Thank You Mr. Perry... Keep watching:)

  7. Great Work Khalid ! I liked Davud Laser scanner setup. You are looking to be very talented person. I got new things to learn from your post. Thank You very much !!