Sunday, November 22, 2009

360 degree Plane less Scan of Deer

I am reading David's Forum from a couple of years...But a tetra-couple of months ago,I tested this great software with a Free Version...Even my crude setup gave me very good results...I continued to improve my setup day and night and getting improved results... The time has come when my scans were so good that i was in need to save those scans in High Resolution mode..In the mean time Sven and Simon put their best in David, a planless feature, communication with COM and SL functionality...

I know that David is a very low-cost solution for all of us having Home-setup and hobbiest... and I also know that the great minds their are always thinking of increasing the function
ality of this software.. The VISION of David team is great....

Furthermore, I saw many helping hands in this forum like Greg, Walter, Gunter, Mattia, Ray and all of the David community...

This compelled me to buy this great software..But the revolution didn't come in one day.
. I started collecting money throughout the year to improve my setup and to buy this software...

and Today was the day of extreme happiness when i recieved the USB in a very good packaging.... Now I am able to scan and save in High Resolution Mode.. Thanks Sven and Simon and all the helping hands:-)

After Getting the david USB, I made my setup in such a way that i only need calibration once and now i can let my hardware anywhere and start scanning, no matter how bigger the object..I can scan it in patches and can merge all the scan..

Attached you can see the 360 degree scan of the Deer..


  1. Hello Khalid, I am vey impressed with your work. I have been down a very similar road and built my own CNC (3 axis) machine. I use Mach3. I too am scanning with DAVID (CNC Dave on the forum) Keep up the good work, what you do with what you have is very admirable.

  2. Khalid,

    I am building a fully automated laser scanner myself. I am very interested in what you have done so far. Is there any information available on what you have done with the Arduino? Also, do you have more information on planless scanning with David. I am currently using the software but would like to be able to calibrate the machine once then not worry about having to set up a corner every where I want to scan.


  3. Dear Shane,
    if you visit the David Forum, you will find immense knowledge about plane-less scanning using Arduino...

    If you make the machine sturdy in a way that your camera, laser and trigger object don not move during transportation then its enough to make only one reference scan.. but if one of the thing moves, the calibration will be out and you have to make reference scan again..

    However if you need further help, feel free to ask..

  4. Found the David Forum, it's very helpful. I have a question about the laser scanning speed. I have a good motor that rotates at either 3rpm (6 volts) or 6rpm (12 volts). Even at 3rpm the laser is moving too quickly. I believe you have a gear reduction hooked up to your motor? How slow should the laser be moving (1/2rpm, 1/8rpm)?


  5. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites