Saturday, April 17, 2010

Embroidery Gcode Generator V2.4.4

Recently, I have made drastic changes in embroidery software... These changes were necessary to make optimum Gcode for embroidery work...
Previously, I have made the Gcode that took 30minutes, now the same Gcode is effiecient and takes 16minutes on the embroidery machine... I have added functionalities to move both hoop as well as Needle when the the needle is above the cloth..this saves 40% of embroidery time... I have also added 'Machine Setting' dialogue for the users that will help them for setting Z-axis (sewing Wheel) values in Mach3 software..
You can see the attached figures by clicking on them..


  1. Khalid,

    Nice work!

    I believe your software is the first to do g-code/embroidery!


  2. Hi Switcher,
    Thanks for posting the comments.. I wish this software may become the first embroidery software for our CNC world...

    Thank you very much.. I will keep posting and i hope you will keep watching my posts and commenting on them ;)

  3. Very cool software, Khalid. I just put a note about it on CNCCookbook.

    Best Regards,

    Bob Warfield

  4. good code. i 'm still at the first steps of gcode embroiding - i attached a stepper to my old sewing machine. i have the question - where are he formats of pfaff, husqvarna, janome files documented so that they could be converted to gcode.
    kind regards
    peter, germany

  5. Geat job! Can you give me a permit to use or try your software?
    Can you give me a link for download?
    Tank you very much!

  6. hi!
    Did you planed to release your software as opensource.
    I would like to make diy emboidery machine but i'm looking for software.
    thank you.

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  8. i want develop more, can you sale source code for me?

  9. hi,
    can one give me a tip how to start the Embroidery gcode generator? i have windows 10 and i installed .net, but no chance?
    Many thanks for replay

  10. where can i download your software please need help for research purposes

  11. can the embrodery g code generator work on Windows 10 64 bit, thank you

  12. Hello, I also tried to install on Windows 7 32 bit, but the software can't be used, there is a message "run time error" thanks